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EARLY INTERVENTION AND INTEGRATED CARE (EIIC) ALLIANCE Within the last financial year, the Early Intervention and Integrated Care (EIIC) Alliance was attended by 19 agencies with representation from the Department of Health and Department of Human Services, HACC Diversity Advisor, Active Service Model Industry Advisor and the Aboriginal Health Coordinator. The EIIC Alliance continues as the forum for agencies to share information, collectively problem solve and identify areas/projects for further work.

eREFERRAL A total of 4763 referrals were sent by the S2S system within the enliven catchment during the 2014-15 financial year. This represents an increase of 14% from the previous year (2013-14). A total of 4511 referrals were received by the S2S system within the catchment in 2014-15, representing an increase of 16% when compared to the previous year.

E Shared Support Plan  - E- Consumer Portal:
One of the goals of this project is to develop a consumer portal so that interested consumers and their families may access and have input to their shared support plan on line. This project lead by Outer East PCP also involved enliven and Gippsland PCP.

Outer East PCP along with Infoxchange and  NavyDesign have been working to progress the e-consumer portal project.

Next Steps:
There are 5 key phases  in Stage 1 of the e-consumer portal design and development . Stage 1  is called Access and would set the foundation by providing access to the support plan via a new digital platform of the e-portal which would provide consumers and carers with:
-          Login & sign-up access
-          Support plan access
-          Capability to manage personal details and 
-          E- Reminders & notifications

It is recommended that the project begins with a Pilot recruitment Phase which would include 
-          Recruiting around 10 - 20 people and their providers (across the PCP involved)  who currently have a support plan on S2S
-          Gaining consent to view their current support plans to assist in the design and development process
-          Obtaining confidence that support plans are written in a way that makes sense to the pilot participants
-          Early indication of the desire for the product.

Is your agency  interested in:
1.     Recruiting involved staff and consumer/s who would  agree to having their support plan used to assist with the design and development process (e.g. typical number of goals, amount of text typically written in the summary etc).
2.     Supporting recruited consumer/s and staff to attend  a 3 hour workshop (in a location suitable for them) to be facilitated and coordinated  by NavyDesign/ IXA and OEPCP.
3.     A little further down the track  it is planned that  5-8 of these people (consumers) will participate in a workshop to trial  a high-level clickable version of Stage 1 (Access) of the product to determine its effectiveness/usability etc  for consumers prior to going into the development phase.

Please contact Linda Pandita –mob 0432 101 874 or 03 9645 1499  if you have any consumers who may be interested to participate  or questions about the project.


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